Decluttering Life



Recently, I have been thinking about how I focus on too much in my life, the fact that i am always flitting from one thing to another, never sticking to something I feel passionate about. So as a result of this I have tried to evaluate what it is that I want to do, what it is that I love and focus on this.

One of the main things that I found from this was that I feel I spend too much time playing various computer and video games which provide me with no enjoyment and I use to wait time in a way. So I have tried reducing and even cutting some the games that I play and as a result of this I have found that I not only have more energy to do what it is that I want to do, but I also have more time as well. Using this time I have been able to spend more time on what I really want to do, for example I have spend more time researching photography and reading books.

Using the quote ‘life is too short’; I feel that there is no time in life to do things that you don’t want to. Even if it means cutting down or even removing some things that you have no passion or love for any longer. Life should be fun and enjoyable no matter what it throws at you.

Do what you love follow your passion and live life to the full no matter what you choose to do.

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Being held Hostage by your mind

So I came across this post earlier and I thought that this was a very good way to show people what it is like to have mental disorders.

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Creating the Perfect Moment

The one thing that I have always done in life is put things off that I have always wanted to do. I have always told myself, now is not the time I have other work to do I should wait until its over, but the problem is that once that one piece of work is over another comes along and I find that I never get done what I want.

I am always trying to find the perfect time waiting for it to come but, the one thing I have learn and I think is one of the most important lessons you can learn is that; If you keep waiting for the perfect time it will never come, you need to go out and create that perfect time for yourself. Their is never a better time to start than the present and once you have taken that first step and started the rest will be a lot easier to do.

I keep telling myself that I want to start doing more photography but I cannot because of university however one day I decided to go out for the afternoon and spend some time just relaxing and taking some photos. I found that after doing this it made me feel a lot better about myself knowing that I have finally achieved something that I have been telling myself I wanted to do for a long time now. As well as this I feel a lot more confident about getting out there and making that perfect moment for myself.


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Believe in Who You Are


This has always been quote that has stuck out for me as it comes with the fact that we are always being compared to other people for the same things causing us to loose who it is that we are. I have had this problem with myself, I constantly keep trying to compare myself to people that are much better that me at things. However, because of this I lose sight of who it is I am as I’m always constantly striving to be like someone else.

This comic that I found on the internet I think really help describe how we keep comparing ourselves to other people:

We need to have to ability to see our own strength to see past the fact that someone else might be better at one thing but you will be good at something else, something that you hold a passion for and something that you can put your heart and soul into. From this, you then discover who you really are and begin to feel confident and comfortable with whom you see.

So believe in yourself find out whom you really are and what it is that you really enjoy and peruse this and feed your passion.

Just believe in you.

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Cartoon Inspiration

So as it happens again I found my self stumbling, and today I found this amazing website where a cartoon artist named Gavin Aung has turned some inspirational quotes from famous people into amazing cartoons.

The cartoon stories that are made are so amazing and it really puts the quotes into a visual perspective and can help you apply then to your own life.

Give it a try yourself.

The website is:

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Mathew Lees

Surprise yourself

Socialising, now, for many people this is just natural, they go to the pub or out to the shops with friends and socialise, talk. It seems so natural and so easy.

However, for many people socialising almost feels like one of the hardest things to do in life. As you come together, meet up with a group of people whatever the situation, your ability to socialise vanishes, as you almost feel like your lips has been sewn together; you can imagine and think of the words in your mind however, they just do not seem to come out. As you start to think over what you are trying to say, you feel the doubt that starts to seep in. Then that is it, you are scared and begin to fear what you are trying to say and you sit there in silence lost in your mind.

A lot of people will not understand your shyness and think of you as ignorant.

This is not true though. You are such a great person though, someone who has a whole world of ideas locked up in your mind, things that are fun, entertaining and intellectual just waiting to be unlocked.

It is the hardest thing to do though to let those words leave your mouth, to remove all control over them, but as Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’. From this, you may surprise yourself, the first step is always the hardest, but once complete I believe that it is one of the most rewarding.

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Mathew Lees