Believe in Who You Are


This has always been quote that has stuck out for me as it comes with the fact that we are always being compared to other people for the same things causing us to loose who it is that we are. I have had this problem with myself, I constantly keep trying to compare myself to people that are much better that me at things. However, because of this I lose sight of who it is I am as I’m always constantly striving to be like someone else.

This comic that I found on the internet I think really help describe how we keep comparing ourselves to other people:

We need to have to ability to see our own strength to see past the fact that someone else might be better at one thing but you will be good at something else, something that you hold a passion for and something that you can put your heart and soul into. From this, you then discover who you really are and begin to feel confident and comfortable with whom you see.

So believe in yourself find out whom you really are and what it is that you really enjoy and peruse this and feed your passion.

Just believe in you.

Thank you for reading



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