The Power Of Music

Music, to me, is everything, it is my escape from life, my outlet from this hectic, stressful life. When you place those headphones on and play a song all of a sudden, everything starts to disappear. Who you are, all of your tears, all of your fears, they just seem to melt away. You become lost, lost in a world where the music is the only thing that matters, a world where you feel no one can hurt you anymore.

When the music hits you, the way it flows through you and hits your heart, you then become one with the music and lose yourself within it.

As long as there is music in this world, there will always be hope, people will always have an outlet in life, something to take the pain away even if it is just for that moment, a moment that may seem insignificant to most people, but to you that moment lasts a lifetime, as you become lost in the music.

Thank you for reading



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