If Physical Diseases Were Treated Like Depression

If diseases were treated like depression

I’ve been seeing this picture posted on Facebook quite a lot recently and the more I see it more truth that I see within its content.

The whole view of mental illness is a very unknown topic to a lot of people. For example, when I am not feeling so great my whole life spins around and its impossible to do, anything, however, I get a lot of people saying to me ah its ok just you know watch a funny cat video or stop being a wimp and man up and find the motivation now!!! your being stupid and over reacting. It does effect me when people say this there’s a part of me that just wants to show them how I feel so they can fully understand what it does to you and give people a better Idea of how to help.

Now, referring back to the picture I believe there is a lot of truth here, a way of possible showing people that its not as easy as just saying stop being lazy and motivate yourself now!!! And looking at it as a new way of showing people that mental illness is not just you being lazy or stupid and it really does effect your whole life and thus it should be seen in a whole new light by people.

Thank you for reading



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