Its The Little Things That Make You Laugh!!!

Life can be a wonderful and amazing thing with all that there is out there to discover and try out. However, there are times when things can go wrong and effect the way in which you view your life.

I have been suffering from manic depression now for around 4 years now and it has been very tough. At first, I found that I became in denial of what it was blaming it on being tired or just stressed, it was not until after a for years of this that my friend finally got me to go to the doctors and talk about it.

                From this, I then was diagnosed with manic depression and at first, I found it very hard to fully accept, no matter how much you are expecting it, once they say something like that to you, you just crumble and wonder how you are going to cope with it. Although after a few weeks and a lot of researching, I found that I had discovered ways in which I could help myself. Although I have tried a lot of ways to try and help myself and make myself feel better a lot of the ways just don’t seem to work and I find that I cannot seem to find the motivation to complete anything. However, one thing that I have wanting to try is to think about the events that I feel has been a success, or just something that has made me feel good or laugh. Using this to focus my mind away from obsession over all the bad things I feel and end up letting all of these affect me.

For this reason, I just want to share with you every week the things that have made me feel better and laugh, and maybe even make you all smile to.

I hope you enjoy this and thank you for reading and exploring what I have to say about myself.


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